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Letter of Recommendation for Bob Hoyle

In the past 18 months, I have worked with Bob on various functions, which he performed as a programmer in the MIPS group. He is customer focused and results-oriented, always willing to work with each team member to understand his/her processes. He created many new and innovative methods, utilizing Business Process Improvement.
He leaves a track record of successes in system enhancements that I, and my team members, have benefited from, and will continue to utilize daily in our processes. 1 had the opportunity to sit in on several presentations that Bob initiated in order to understand what the key business measures were for our group, and to understand the tools and techniques of the processes. By trying to understand our processes, this showed that Bob focused on the needs of his customers and was willing to provide his technical expertise to improve and enhance our processes.
Bob is an experienced professional, who will be greatly missed. His interpersonal communication, and technical skills were an asset to our team.
I highly recommend Bob for any professional venture he pursues. It's been a joy working with him.

Gloria Gardner, Lead Billing Analyst Error Research Group

Dallas Billing Services

To Any Hiring Manager:
It has been my pleasure to work with Robert Hoyle for over a year. During this time, he has always been extremely helpful and a true professional. Without his knowledge and flexibility, my group would have been unable to provide the level of service our customers demand.

Besides his excellent programming skills, Bob is a true team player, always staying late to help us meet the short and demanding deadlines we placed on him.

My group will dearly miss him and hope you will consider him for your position. Bob is a devoted, loyal, and dependable employee.

Arcie Ashley
Programming Manager II

Bob joined our team to support RACF requests.

His task was supporting requests for new userids, changes to existing userids, deleting userids and fulfilling dataset and resource requests.

When Bob began supporting this task, generating userids on RACF and ACF2 databases, was a very manual, intensive process.

Once he gained experience with this process, Bob was able to develop an automated process that generated all the necessary RACF and ACF2 commands to get any userids built.

Another challenging task facing Bob, was ensuring that security reporting was working for all security workloads.  His knowledge using Vanguard products, a tool we use to provide reports from the RACF database, provided benefits for the entire account. Bob generated a common high-level qualifier for our request output and JCL used for testing Vanguard reports. We devote a considerable amount of time working together to provide Vanguard reports.  Most of the work involved violation and successful access reports, but Bob's efforts made the work more manageable.

Bob's knowledge with the Advisor report tool which, as an Off-the-Shelf solution does not work to meet the client need, proved to be the edge needed when dealing with JCL and REXX programming.  Bob enabled us to be successful in that area.

Bob also provided a userid connect report, using Vanguard and REXX.  This was a special request from our client base that was needed to assist them in identifying duplicate users and other errors, such as being in the incorrect workgroups for RACF.

Losing Bob, as well as all his technical knowledge, will leave a void in the team that will be difficult to fill, especially as we take on more and more work. 

Bob has expanded my knowledge related to commands and running reports.  Although I am not Bob, together I truly think we made a team that was successful, the sum being greater than it's individual parts. 

Best of luck Bob.  You have the experience and talents that will make any team glad that you are a TEAM MEMBER.

Diane Shaw
EDS an HP company
Security Analyst, Advanced